My name is Ralf Osietzki and I live with my wife Pernilla, Bivvilis Kennel and
all our dogs (Galgo Español, Scottish Deerhound & Samoyeds) outside
Landskrona in the northern part of Skåne.

All the dogs live as family members! They share both the sofa and the bed with us. We have two runs which are used during seasons and visits by other dogs. We also have a fenced plot (7000 sqm) for fun and games.

A Galgo Español for me is an elegant, graceful and healthy dog,
mentally and exterior sound.

Fits well in the show ring, as a family dog and on
Lure coursing field.

On this page you can see the latest news, planned puppies as well as other goodies. The page will be regularly updated so come in and have a look
around at regular intervals so you don't miss out on the important events.
Hope you have a nice time here at
Kennel Grey Mountains website.

Ralf Osietzki
Ottarpsvägen 176
261 92 HÄRSLÖV

Phone: +46 730 512 989